My (LGBTQ) Health Care Story Matters

Steve and Chad discuss My (LGBTQ) Health Care Story Matters on Homo Radio with Dr. Ray Werking 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Queer health care consumers share their story…

Have you told yours?

Help us build the largest video collection of personal health care stories specific to LGBTQ consumers!

Rainbow Access Initiative, Inc. is committed to creating opportunities for LGBTQ health care consumers to tell their story.  For too long LGBTQ consumers have been left out of the conversation.  Contact us at to tell yours.   

You can learn more at or find us on Facebook at Rainbow Access Initiative

Why, because you matter!

 Step 1: Contact us.  Let us know you want to share your story.  email:

 Step 2:  Schedule an appointment (date/time) with an RAI representative that’s convenient for you.

 Step 3.  Prepare.  Think about your health care story.  What is it that you would like to share?  (see below for a list of questions to consider)

 Step 4:  Document your story.  Put it on video and help change the face of LGBTQ health care.

Questions that need answers…

What was your best health care experience?  ~  What was your worst health care experience?  ~  Where do you go for your medical care?  ~  What are your big health care hurdles?  ~  When did you come out to your health care provider?  ~  How LGBTQ culturally competent is your health care provider(s)?  ~  What would improve your health care experience?  ~  What changes have occurred in your health care needs as you get older?  ~  How does your family access health care?  ~  If you don’t have health insurance, what do you do for medical care?

“We are ready to help redefine health care, one story at a time.”

-Chad Putman, Board President, RAI, Inc.

Kiera talks about being uninsured and the cost of health care insurance as a bi-sexual woman.

Sarah talks about choosing a provider as a trans-woman and accessing endocrinology care.

Phil talks about being blind and coming out to his primary care provider as a gay man.

Donna talks about access to health care and urology services as a post-op trans-sexual women.


 Steve talks about chosing a medical provider, coming out and advocating for a friend.

Evan talks about accessing health care as a trans-man and physical transition options.

Chad talks about finding a health care provider as an openly-gay male and the cost of high-deductable insurance.

Rainbow Access Initiative, Inc. is a proud partner of the NYS LGBT Health & Human Service Network and the National Coalition of LGBT Health

P.O. Box 9144, Niskayuna, NY  12309 / P:  518.227.4880 / / Facebook @ Rainbow Access Initiative




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